Monday, August 06, 2007


Just when I thought it was getting warmer we have gotten another cold snap. I would have loved to stay in bed this morning but I forced myself out to take Mossy for a walk. I haven't done weights yet today as I am waiting to see what Liz has in store for me as I should get my program today.

We had a busy weekend. My parents were in town for the weekend so we spent some time with them. They usually stay at my brother's place as he has an acreage so my parents have plenty of space to put their caravan. The downside is that my brother's place is out of town so it means a bit of driving to go see them.

Yesterday we had the school fair which was fun. Moo got her face painted and Missy T had her hair sprayed pink (which was loads of fun trying to wash out last night). They also went on a couple of rides. After the fair we went to the Marina for the Multicultural Festival where the girls had a ride on a camel and we grabbed some lunch. After looking around we settled on Ethiopian. I had a delicious beef stew which was spicy but really yum and then went over to the Mexican stand to grab a choros.

I am supposed to be filling out my Calorie King diary everyday but I figured yesterday was a bit of a bust - but, hey, you need days like that don't you?
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