Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Crossfit Open in Pictures



Friday, February 05, 2016

Well, This Happened!

I was not going to get another dog.  I had so many reasons: I don't have time, it's a pain when we want to go away, the expense of vet bills, food etc.

Even though I was adamant I wasn't going to get a dog, I continued to follow the RSPCA page and the Pet Classifieds on FB.  Everytime a puppy picture was shared my heartstrings got a little tug but I knew the kind of dog that I didn't want.  I'm not a fan of small dogs and I didn't want a working breed again.  The dog had to be able to get along with children and most importantly, my cat.  And then they posted a photo of a bandog for adoption.  I fooled myself into thinking that I would just go and meet her and be totally cool and not fall in love straight away.

A week later, on Christmas Eve, we finally adopted our Maisie.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Crossfit Total

I went backwards on the CFT this time but I'm not too concerned, I was a bit sore from the day before plus I had a break over Christmas AND I had ripped my hands doing pull ups.  The Gods were against me.

The positive I got from the workout was how I failed my squat.  This may seem an odd thing to say but normally I fail my squat by not getting to depth ... when it gets heavy my thinky brain tells me that there is no way I'll get out of the hole so I stop before I hit depth.  Yesterday was one of the few times I needed a spotter to actually help me at the sticking point.  This is a big step forward for me with regard to getting out of the comfort zone.

Date Squat Press Deadlift Total
20/09/2013 52.5 30 82.5 165
20/12/2013 57.5 32.5 92.5 182.5
1/05/2014 55 32.5 100 187.5
18/12/2014 47.5 33.5 75 156
1/07/2015 55 34.5 95 184.5
7/01/2016 55 32.5 95 182.5

Monday, January 04, 2016


I was pretty happy with how this WOD went.  I'm not a huge fan of Grace, it is a little boring.  I would rather do a long chipper style workout than a sub-5 minute WOD of 30 clean and jerks but at the end of the day I seem to always improve a little.

Date Clean and Jerk Time
13/09/2012 15 2:20
11/10/2012 17.5 2:36
15/02/2013 20 2:51
5/07/2013 22.5 3:10
22/01/2014 30 4:50
2/06/2015 25 3:07
21/12/2015 30 4:00

Friday, December 11, 2015


I did this workout in August but somehow forgot just how much it hurt.  My arms don't want to work.

We had a 10 minute cut off this time, I should have scaled accordingly, my reps were horrible.  Unfortunately I didn't make the cut off so I have extroplated the data.

Date HSPU Ring Dip Push Up Time
26/08/2015 Box Pike Purple Band Knee 11:52
11/12/2015 Box Pike Red Band Full 10:42

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


3 years I have been going to Crossfit.  3 years I have had the goal of doing a box jump.  3 years I have been crippled with fear of jumping onto a box.  The highest I have successfully jumped with 2 feet jumping and landing at the same time has been 3 bumper plates which equates to 9 or 10 inches.  I have attempted 4 plates before but couldn't land 2 feet.  I have a 12" box at home but have been unsuccessful in jumping on that and it freaks me out more than the boxes we have at the gym.

I purchased a 20" foam box for home.  I would have liked to have gotten a smaller one but they were only available in sets of 3 boxes and way out of my price range so I chose to go with the 20" box and hope that I could jump on the darn thing.  Seeing as I could jump onto my bed which is around the same height there was not reason why I couldn't get my short little legs up onto that box.

It hasn't been as easy as I thought it was going to be.  I have failed over and over, I have had to hold onto Mal's hands and even then there was no guarantee that I would make the jump.  I started looking at buying a 16" box as I had lost all confidence in my ability to jump 20".

Last night Mal was at cricket training when I started my practice.  Jardan had suggested that I record myself doing tuck jumps in front of the box to prove to myself that I'm capable of getting my feet up that high.  It was close but my feet were clearing the box.  I had started doing this thing where I put my hands at the front of the box and jump up and down (rebound jumping).  This helped me get used to the height of the box as well as made me realise that I was capable.  I then did a fast step up and really tried to explode as I stepped up onto the box.  I went from that to again putting my hands on the box, jumping into the squat position and then standing up on top of the box and stepping down.  I noticed that I was resting on my hands less and less but when I tried to just jump onto the box I was finding it hard to bring my feet through into the squat and was landing on my knees.

A few months ago, I was at the gym doing weightlifting.  I couldn't make the lift and despite Tia's coaching failed a few times.  She eventually said to me that to succeed I really need to want it.  Last night I knew that I needed to get hungry.  I decided that I really wanted to make the jump.

Something I noticed when I had Mal hold my hands, my first few failed attempts involved me being able to get my right foot through with my left lagging behind so I decided to focus on getting my right foot into position and not worry about my left.  I did this a few times and then eventually my left foot figured out what to do.  I finally jumped onto a box!!!!  I needed to record it to show my coaches so I set up my tablet and did it again!  After 3 years I have finally jumped onto a box!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Baby Steps

I've made teeny tiny steps forward in some areas.

I bought a 20" foam plyometric box for home and have been practicing on that most days.  I can jump on it while holding onto Mal's hands and I feel like I'm getting a little bit better everyday.  The problem is it has wound up my back a little so I'm having to roll out and stretch more than normal.  My massage therapist noticed that my left side is significantly more developed than my right which explains why I jump with my right foot first, it is also my right side that is tight this week.  Could it be the muscles in my hips and back playing catch up because I'm forcing that side to work harder?

Willing my little legs to jump on this thing!
The other thing has been my handstands.  I haven't been working on them at all despite entering a challenge with some other people to work on them daily.  I will spend more time on them once I figure out my box jumps ... one thing at a time.

Today we did handstands at the gym and despite every fibre of my being telling me to not show up and once I was there I wanted to go home.  There was myself and another guy who couldn't kick up into a handstand, both of us having the same fears.  It was kind of nice to have someone in the same boat as me because most of the time I'm the only one who can't handstand.  Anyway, Jardan worked with us to overcome the fear of being upside down.  It felt great to be in safe hands, knowing that there was a guy on either side of me.  I got more comfortable with being in the handstand and I hope my kickup was a little stronger (I barely get off the ground).  The hard bit for me is that I feel like I'm totally upside down where I'm still a little way off the wall and when my feet were actually against the wall my body felt like it was hyperextended.  I think this will be something that I will need to practice to get used to the body position.

Even though I'm getting frustrated with not moving as fast as I would like, any progress is better than no progress.