Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Next

I have been thinking about my goals and basically what is next for me. I would love to do another comp and try and improve my ranking but after listening to Liz and Lindy on Sunday I think it would be better if I take my time and try and build some muscle rather than rush into another comp this year and be less than my best. After looking at the photos of the comp I can see that my upper body needs a bit of work. I need to work on my form and make sure I'm engaging the correct muscle during training.

Surprisingly, I was quite happy with my legs. As much as I complained under my breath about my leg workouts prior to the comp, they toned my legs up nicely so supersetting hamstring curls with suicide runs do actually work and lets not forget incline leg press with defensive squats on the BOSU (groan!)

I also felt as though my posing let me down a bit. I could never quite get the symmetry poses correct and while on stage I totally forgot to stick my butt and chest out so I tended to look a little hunched. My gym hold posing classes on a Sunday which I didn't know about until recently and I think I'll tag along so next time when I'm on stage it will be like second nature.
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