Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Perfect Day

I've been inspired by Magda's post about her perfect day.

Here's my perfect day:

I wake up early but without the need of the alarm clock and get up and take the dog for a walk or run. I don't need to rush as Hubby doesn't have to leave for work at 5:30 am. The girls get up and get ready for school without me having to hound them and we get to school early. I have time to take them to their classes and spend some time with them reading etc. Then its off to the gym where I meet my gym buddy and/or trainer and have an intense session. It is quiet at the gym which means I don't need to wait for equipment or rush my workout. After training, we shower and then have our post workout meals and green tea and just chat. I go home and after lunch read blogs etc. Its then time to pick up the girls. They don't have to go anywhere and we get home where we sit and have afternoon tea together while I hear about their day. After homework (even in a perfect day there's homework) we go outside for the girls to play. I organise dinner and Hubby is home. We go out onto the veranda and have a cuppa and talk about our day. Once dinner is finished and the girls are in bed we watch TV for a bit. There is no football, cricket or any other sport on. We go to bed early for a bit of 'quality time' (wink! wink!)

Aaaah, I can dream ....
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