Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

Today is Moo's 9th birthday ... it seems like yesterday she was a little baby. She is having a couple of girlfriends over tomorrow night for a sleepover which should be interesting. She had a few issues with friends last year and we had to separate her from her BFF this year as the relationship was unhealthy and I'm happy that she has found some new friends this year. I swear it has been the hardest part of parenting but we can only guide her into making the right choices the rest is up to her.

Training has been great this week and I'm trying to be so patient waiting for the start of the Michelle Bridge's 12 Week Challenge - patience is not one of my strong points. In the meantime I have continued the current program I'm on and have fit in Body Balance, Liz's Bike and Burn, Fitbox and tomorrow will be Body Attack as well as my normal morning walk ... I'm on fire!!!
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