Saturday, August 14, 2010


I had a further drop today, now I'm sitting at 49.0 kg. The scales flicked to 48.9 kg to a second and then settled on 49. I feel like I've been in control this week even though I was hit with some major sugar cravings thanks to TTOM. Some dessert tonight should help in that department.

We are having a soiree for Mal's birthday tonight and I will be having some cake and pumpkin pie. I managed to get through baking them without so much as a taste which is a pretty big deal for me. The rest of the food will consist of roast pork and lamb and veggies so nothing too bad there - I will just have to be conscious of amounts. Mal, the legend he is, has organised nibblies of veggie sticks and hommus (as well as other stuff for everyone else). He is such a sweetie!
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