Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Need of a Paper Bag

The last couple of days I've missed some workouts for various reasons. Just because I have so much time on my hands (???) I thought it would be a great idea to have a party this weekend for Missy T's birthday. Any sane working parent would have the said party at Maccas or HJ's or even the local indoor kids playground but not me, nooooooo, I have to have a Halloween themed birthday party at our house. Panic has ensued and I took last night off boxing to get the outdoor area tidied up because I can't leave that until Saturday as I have a hair appointment that afternoon plus I daresay I will be busy baking etc then as well. I figure if I do little bits every night it won't make Saturday quite so bad. I wonder why I do this to myself! No matter ... I'm sure it will be fun.

This morning's workout has been missed as Moo now has orchestra at 7:30 so hopefully I can get it done this evening after picking the girls up from dancing. Man, when did life get so hectic?! I've spent the rest of the morning trying not to hyperventilate due to the fact that I've missed some training. I have to remind myself that sometimes life just gets in the way and that it is okay to skip some sessions when I need too.
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