Friday, August 05, 2011

12wbt from an 8yo Perspective

We often get takeaway on a Thursday night because by then both Mal and I are buggered and want a night off of prepping meals and cleaning up after. For a number of reasons we haven't been doing it recently but last Thursday we decided to get a chook. Missy T was so excited as we haven't had it in such a long time, well, a long time for an 8 year old. She was telling Mal how she hated the fact that I am doing this program and she couldn't understand why I was doing it because I don't need to lose weight. Moo then piped up and said that I was doing it because I like to set myself a challenge (wise words from Miss 10). I had to then sit Miss T down and explain to her that Moo is right, I'm not in this to lose weight, in fact, I am happy with how I am but I like to eat a balanced diet and exercise because it makes me feel good. Hopefully she now understands.
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