Monday, August 22, 2011

What a Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend!! Where to start? We flew down to Brissy Friday afternoon and met up with my niece with whom we were staying. That evening I got a phone call from Miss Liz who set the challenge of doing a back-to-back RPM/cycle class. Was I up for it? Hell yeah! To be honest, I was more frightened of catching the train to Indooro than anything. It's a challenge when you come from the boonies!

The first RPM class was tough, I hadn't slept particularly well as I was full of nerves and I stupidly had a coffee after dinner. There were several times throughout the class where I felt like I needed a bucket beside me but I soldiered on. Calorie burn for that class: 559 calories!!

Nice and sweaty after the first class!

The second class was Liz's choreo (?) on the bike. I felt much better throughout this class and hit my stride better. I'm not sure if it was due to shorter tracks, the fact I had gotten over the nerves or Liz's style of training. Calorie burn: 479 cals

Both cactus after the second!

After a much earned shower to freshen up and a nice feed of sushi we scooted onto the third workout for the day, the 12wbt Group Workout. It was a tough workout and my legs were complaining as we had to do Cossack Kicks and way too many burpees to count (have I ever mentioned how much I hate burpees!) We were both too stuffed to take a photo after this workout. Calorie burn: 757 cals!

Total burn for the day: 1795 cals!!! (I don't think I have ever burnt that much in one day!)

Liz was then kind enough to drop me into the city so I could meet up with Mal and I then re-fuelled (read: eat anything that I could lay my hands on) and had a much needed nanna nap. After a caffeine hit, it was time to get ready.

The party was fantastic and I had the opportunity to meet several people in the flesh. The camaraderie of the 12wbt is what makes it so special. I'm amazed that I had the energy to dance the night away (I think the champas had a little to do with that) and to top the night off Mish announced that I was in the Top 14 for the Lean and Strong section. I was pumped!

Anyway, I'm going to go back for another round. I love the fact that I don't have to think too much about my training, it is just laid out and I just do it. I have conned Mal into following the program with me which will be nice although he wants his profile name to be Itapfitchick14 ... hmmm ....

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