Thursday, August 02, 2012

Much Better Headspace

Isn't funny how not much can change but for some strange reason your whole mindset changes.  I am having a rather positive week and, while I don't know why, I'm going to roll with it.  I have set myself some little mini goals and have reached a couple of them which is always a great way to make things a lot brighter. 

My first goal of the week was to do a 15 kg Overhead Squat.  As I have said previously, I struggled with the O-bar so used a lower weight at the gym and eventually worked up to 15 kg which is the lightest o-bar at Crossfit.

My next goal is to a handstand - I haven't had time to practice this one.

My third goal is to do a box jump.  Box jumps terrify me so I started on my aerobics step and have moved to a step outside which was a smidge higher.  I have tried a box at the gym which is higher again (about 12 inches) but still need to build my confidence a bit more on this one.  I know it most probably sounds ridiculous but with my very good imagination I see myself missing the step, falling forward and knocking out all my teeth.  I think the lowest at Crossfit is 12" so I will at least be able to do a WOD without having to do step ups instead.

Another achievement for me this week is I taught myself how to do double-unders which is skipping where you do 2 rotations of the rope to 1 skip.  They are pretty hard and I was that excited when I did one.  Now I need to string a few together and not stop everytime I do one to squeel that I did it!

All in all, it's been a pretty good week.
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