Friday, December 07, 2012

Bragging Time

Yesterday was the girl's school 'Love of Learning' Awards ceremony.  There are 3 awards presented; Excellence in Learning, Outstanding Citzenship and Champion of the Environment.  It is also when the school leaders and student council members are announced for the next year's Grade 7.

Missy T's teacher had given me the heads up that she was getting an award and I had an inkling that it would be the Learning award (she's a pretty clever little chook).

I had no idea that Moo was getting an award and was so excited for her that she got the Outstanding Citzenship Award for her class.  This is her first award in the 6 years she has been at primary school.

 Moo was also nominated for School Captain but unfortunately wasn't elected.  She was very disappointed but I was proud of her delivering her speech to the school as part of the election process.  The whole thing is quite nerve-wracking but she got through it and I'm sure she is pretty proud of herself as well.
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