Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Once Upon A Time ...

... I was the sort of girl who hated constructive critisism.  My self esteem was low and when people tried to instruct me my brain when straight into the thoughts of 'I suck at this', 'I should just give up', 'everyone else gets it so much better than me, I must be dumb/useless.'  I would get nervous when the coaches watched me during my lifts and I would wait while they told me all the things I did wrong. And, yes, I would focus on that word, wrong.

Lately I have noticed that my mindset is changing.  I love the feedback that I'm getting from the coaches and I try to implement what they are trying to show me.  More often than not, when I make these subtle changes I find the lift easier. Duh!

All the coaches are such a wealth of knowledge and I know they want me to be the best crossfit athlete I can.  I need to switch off my self-doubting brain and realise that I'm not going to be perfect straight away.  That doesn't make me useless, or a crappy athlete or any of those things that I have told myself over the last god knows how many years.  It will take practice, practice and more practice.  As the saying goes, "Aim for progess, not perfection."
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