Friday, September 20, 2013

Back In The Game!

My Stomping Ground
Finally I'm back in the land of the living and felt up to a workout.  Unfortunately I picked a huuuuge night to go back.  This was last night's WOD:

Bench Press
5 X 15
*In between each set (no rest) you must complete as fast as possible:
10 Pistols
20 Burpees
30 Sit Ups
400m Run
then rest 2min and repeat
Have a running clock. Athletes time themselves but starting on a minute. Add your total time to the athletes bench press weight. so time would read:
Jo Bloggs. 100kg – 26:30
It was a massive class last night and the girls were split up into 2 teams of 5 with a person starting every couple of minutes.  Most of the girls had chosen to do 20 kg but there were a couple that were wanted to go a little heavier at 25 kg.  I put my hand up to go in the latter group to even up the teams (maybe not the best decision given I had pretty much a week off exercise).
This was a really tough workout and my head just wanted me to give up.  It intrigues me how my brain was telling me to give up, that I still wasn't well enough to exercise but my body just kept on chipping away.  I was by no means killing it but just getting it done.
The girls that went first overlapped me which I had predicted as they were both comp squad girls.  I got the workout completed in 43:23.  My last set of bench press was to failure.  Failure is something that I have reached twice this week in the 2 WODs I've done.  I find it amazing that my body gets to the point where it just can't do something ... it doesn't hurt, I just can't do what I want to do.  Such a weird feeling. I'm grateful to Cam, one of the coaches, for spotting me and both encouraging and correcting my form to ensure that it didn't go out the window even though I was tired and my body wanted to find an easier way.
My last round of burpees where burps.  I was aware of the time at this point and I knew that I was going to run late for the ballet pickup (luckily Miss Amber has dance classes after the girl's class) so I scaled back to try and speed things up.
I had Karla (one of my teammates) helping me through at this point and when I went on the last run both she and another girl, Timmy, came on the run with me.  Both girls talked me through the run leg and encouraged me to speed up at the end.  That is CrossFit.  It's people encouraging people, it doesn't matter your standard because we are all doing it together.  
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