Monday, January 12, 2015


Today we did Eva for the second time.

5 rounds for time of:
Run 800m
30 Kettlebell Swings, (32kg/25kg)
30 Pull ups
Date Time Kettlebell Weight (kg) Pull up Option Rounds
18/06/2013 24:25:00 12 Blue band 3
12/01/2015 40:20:00 8 Purple band 3 + 800m + 32

My time for today has been extrapolated as I was cut off at the 40 minute mark.  I believe my time was possibly more than that but who can argue with mathematics!  My back was a little achy this morning and I didn't feel up to doing 12 kg kettlebell swings so decided to drop down to 8 kg but I had to change that to 6 kg med ball cleans as we had a few newbies in the class.  The med ball cleans were a modification for my back.  I did 1 round of these and they were harder and took longer plus the squat didn't feel great on my hips.  I noticed that the girls who were using the 8 kg kettlebells were either doing pull ups or out on their run when I was in the box so I grabbed one of their kettlebells while it was free for the rest of the workout.  I think the med ball cleans were a factor in my slower time today.

The other factor was the pull ups.  They were tough.  I broke these up too often and wasted a fair whack of time between my sets.  In hindsight I should have gone green band today.

The positive for me was that despite getting cut off I completed the number of rounds that I had set for myself.  I wanted to get 4 rounds completed and going on my previous time I should have done that with plenty of time to spare.

This is yet another WOD that I have gotten a worse.  Yes, I'm injured but I also think that my nutrition has not been great for the last couple of months.  I need to focus on eating well again as I feel heavy and sluggish.  Onward and upwards!
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