Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday 23/10/06

Well, I got to Body Attack the other day and felt much better for it. I had a little Nanna nap in the arvo and then went down to watch hubby play cricket. It ended up a late night as we went over to our friends place for dinner but its always good to get with friends and have a good laugh. Yesterday was quiet, I filled the day with a bit of housework and then caught up on some shows that I had taped and yet another kip. Of course that meant I didn't sleep well last night. Hubby and the girls also had a sleep so we must have all needed it. I also managed to have a soak in the tub all by myself. Usually once the girls know I'm in the bath they strip off and jump in too so there goes my relax time but last night they were too entranced in a 'My Little Pony' DVD to come and bother me. So, all-in-all, a good weekend.

Took the dog for a walk this morning - I slept in so I couldn't go as long as I wanted - and then trained my back. I'll be walking again this afternoon as my walking buddy has decided to start back after having her bub. Mind you, I think we'll get blown away as it is soooo windy. I think the dog will love getting walked twice a day and he needs it as he is starting to get fat even though he gets walked 5 days a week and he barely eats anything! Go figure.
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