Saturday, October 21, 2006

Down Doobie Doo Down Down Comma Comma

I don't what it is this week but I feel sooooo low. I think its partially due to the fact that it was pay day this week (damn monthly pays) and after going through the bills that are due this month we realised we will have more outgoing than incoming! So its going to be yet another lean month which will be difficult because we have a wedding at the Gold Coast and then the following week my Mum's birthday (also at the GC) plus my baby is turning 4. The stress of trying to make ends meet is starting to get to me.
Also, I tend to get really tired by the end of the week. The constant juggle of work, kids, keeping the house in some sort of order plus keeping fit wears me down sometimes.
Maybe I just need to watch some sappy movie and have a good cry or, even better, go to Body Attack and get those endorphines happenin'
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