Thursday, November 02, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've had a very busy week this week. Training has been okay, I've done something to my ribs so I've found it hard to train my chest, triceps and back (its amazing how often you use your muscles around your ribs) although I have trained my hammies fairly hard as they are letting me know about it today (gotta love deadlifts). I have missed Attack this week. I was all pumped to go on Saturday when my hubby told me that he was playing cricket at 10:00. I would have put the girls in the creche but I had invited Missy T's kindy friend over so I had to madly wash floors and tidy up before she came.

Work has been hectic. My boss has resigned so everyone is getting holidays in before he leaves which means we are a person down this week, 2 people away next week and then I'm away the week after. We are having a NATA audit on Monday so its extra busy and I'm finding it hard to fit in everything I need to do in the 5.25 hours that I'm there. I've had to rely on the other people to finish off some of my work which I hate doing.

It was my baby's 4th birthday yesterday so after work and ballet lessons I had to bake 2 cakes: one for home and another to take to kindy today neither of which were that good. I haven't been baking much lately and I seem to have lost my touch (but I'll blame the new oven!) The kids enjoyed it so it can't have been too bad.

Looking forward to going to the Gold Coast next weekend for a rest!
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