Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another week down

Well, I managed to survive another busy week. We had Moo's preschool concerts Wednesday and Thursday nights and then Missy T's kindy concert on Friday. Hubby and I had Friday off for the concert so we spent the afternoon shopping for Chrissy presents. I am happy to say that we have bought most of the presents with the exception of the parents (and, of course, each other). I bought him a book (Nutmegs, Googlies and Bogeys - a sporting trivia book) on-line this week but unfortunately its on back order - must be very popular - so now its plan B.

I had my work Christmas party on Friday night but because we didn't want to wait over an hour for a taxi hubby drove. He was supposed to play cricket on Saturday as well his touch footy finals so it didn't hurt him to have a night off the drink. As we had to pick up the girls from the babysitters, we didn't have a late night.

I have spent the weekend baking for Christmas. Every year I like to make presents for our close friends and this year I am giving some to the girls teachers as well. I have made the usual shortbread as well as caramel fudge and turkish delight. I also made some raspberry vinegar cordial for us.

As I mentioned, hubby was supposed to play cricket yesterday but unfortunately it was rained out so we had to put up with him behaving like a bear with a sore head. We then headed down to watch his touch grand finals which they won. Obviously, the boys had to celebrate so it was yet another late night.

Hopefully things are going to slow down just a little now ... I actually don't have any plans for this week. That should be nice for a change.
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