Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I have finally gotten around to doing my measurements and have been fairly pleased with the results. Since my last measurement on the 16/10/06 I have lost:

Chest -1.7 cm
Waist -0.8 cm
Calf +0.5 cm
Arm -0.5 cm
Thigh -0.4 cm
Hip 0 cm
Body Fat 0%

Considering I have been on holidays and overall haven't been eating that clean I was surprised I have lost anything at all. Shame about the chest and hips measurements but aint that always the way. Not sure on my weight as I don't have scales at home and I have been unable to get to the gym in forever.

I have another busy week ahead of me. As Moo has her Grade 1 transition day today I decided to work later this arvo so I will be going in at around 3 and working until 8:30 which means I won't have to take annual leave or lose a day's wage. Ah ... the joys of being a working mother! Tomorrow night we have her Kooly preschool concert and then on Thursday night we have her Clinton preschool concert (she goes to 2 preschools so that she is fulltime) and on Friday we have Missy T's kindy concert. So yet again I will be unable to do any afternoon workouts but at least I am sqeezing in the morning ones.
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