Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tired today

I didn't sleep well last night so I'm very tired today. I really can't afford to be tired as I have heaps to do around the house today. We are going camping this weekend which means tomorrow I have to shop, take the cat to the kennels and do other odd jobs in preparation for going away. I was hoping to have the house in some sort of order today and although I have washed and folded loads and loads of washing, I feel as though I haven't gotten anywhere. I suppose I could be vacuuming and washing the floors now but I just don't have the energy.

I forgot to get bread yesterday afternoon to which my darling husband suggested that I ride to the shop this morning to get it. So instead of my normal walk, I did a 45 minute bike ride. It was hard slog on the way there as my back tyre was slightly flat. I stopped off at the servo to pump up both tyres and what a difference it made. I then trained chest, back and abs. As my shoulder is still a little bit sore, I cut the weights back slightly but I feel I still got a decent workout.

I'm really sick of food at the moment. I think its because I normally take leftovers when I work so I don't have to prepare anything plus our cupboard is a bit bare and nothing in there takes my fancy. Here's food for today:

1: French toast
2: Vitaweats with cheese, avo and tomato
3: grilled cheese and avo sandwich
4: Maybe some yoghurt and fruit
5: Sausages and veg

I was hoping to train legs tonight because I won't be able to do them Friday and we will be packing tomorrow afternoon (I was wanting hubby to spot me) but I guess I will have to do them in the morning. Maybe I should do higher reps with a lower weight for my squats. It a bugger as I know I can squat at least 30kg a side on the barbell but I just can't get the thing onto my shoulders.
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