Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday was shoulders, biceps and triceps. I had done something to my neck/shoulder on the weekend and, unfortunately, made it worse by training shoulders. Stupid, stupid girl! So yesterday I was flat out lifting my arm at all after my weights session. I slapped some Zen on it and today its a little better. Today was cardio and as I slept in today (the joys of being on holidays) I decided to run on the mini tramp. I was in the mood for 80's music today so I put on the CD and bounced away. It was great fun, 30 minutes went by so quickly.

Food yesterday:

1: Toast with peanut butter, protein shake
2: Watermelon, chocolate brownie (I went to a friend's place for morning tea .... I have absolutely no dicipline!)
3: Deli meat with salad
4: Chai latte, mango
5: Steak and salad

Food today:
1: Grilled cheese on mutigrain
2: Fruit salad and almonds
3: Deli meat and salad
4: Most probably mango
5: Pork chop and (hopefully) veg - I'm a bit sick of salad

If you read my A-Z you would know that I am pretty untidy - I have clutter everywhere. In say that, my house is clean - dishes get done, floors washed etc - but I just don't throw anything out hence the clutter. I have gotten onto for some inspiration and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with my achievements. I would have taken before and after photos but, honestly, I was too embarrassed by the before shots. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain it when I'm back at work and the kids are back at school.
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