Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally Friday Is Here

This week has been loooong. I'm not sure if I'm getting back into the school routine and therefore doing a lot of running around or if its because I've had my cranky pants on at work.

My big baby started Grade 1 this week and there were no tears from either of us. I guess she has been in daycare since she was 6 months old so really its no big deal to be away from me. I have to say I was sick of getting her ready for school by the second day. She is a princess, every morning we would have a fight over having to wear her black sandshoes (she would much rather her pink sparkly ones, thank you very much). As I said to her, she has another 12 years of wearing a uniform she had better get used to it.

My little baby went back to kindy. She was so glad to get back to her friends and I think she would love to go 5 days rather than 3!

I managed to get through all my workouts although I had to cut a couple short as I just ran out of time. I couldn't go walking the last couple of days as it has been raining so I had to do my cardio indoors. Its great to have the rain - we desperately needed it.
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