Sunday, February 04, 2007

Evil Scales!

I weighed myself yesterday morning at the gym and, alas, those damned scales have not budged! I have to say that I was a little disappointed but on the upside I worked bloody hard at Attack yesterday. My measurements have shown a small loss (a couple of mm here and there) so that cheered me up a little.

The paper yesterday advertised a part-time position at Curves fitness centre. I decided to apply for it as I think I need a change from working in laboratories. I have never set foot in a Curves centre although I have had friends who used to go fairly regularly. I had a small chuckle to myself as the ad said that the persons should have "the ability to quickly learn the 'Curves way." From what my friends have said about the workout, I'm not sure if the "Curves way" is for me but what the hell, I need a bit of a sea-change with regard to my career.
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