Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where do the weeks go?

I can't believe its Thursday already! I've had yet another busy week; I worked on Sunday (trying to catch up), it was Moo's 6th birthday on Monday, Body Attack Tuesday, yesterday the girls had ballet so I toddled off to the gym and then afterwards had a parent info session at school. Thank God I have nothing on today.

Training is going well. I trained shoulders yesterday and really pushed myself, today they are feeling tired and achy which is great. As I said previously I went to the gym for a cardio workout while the girls where at ballet, I had a great HIIT workout on the bike - my legs felt like jelly afterwards. All-in-all its been a great week with regard to training.

Food has been pretty good. The family had MacDonalds for Moo's birthday but I chose to have something at home. I hate Maccas - even their healthy options taste weird. I had to have a piece of cake though!
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