Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I can't believe its only Wednesday, I keep on think its Thursday and I have to keep reminding myself. I normally work Tuesday to Friday but have decided to change my days to suit Missy T's kindy days so now its Monday to Thursday. This week I have to work a full week to fill in for someone who is away, needless to say I have no idea what day it is.

Workouts have been pretty good, I really pushed myself this morning during my shoulder, bicep and tricep session. I was very pleased with myself. I went to Body Attack last night - I really can't believe the amount of people going lately, they have had to turn people away. I hate it when its that busy as I can't seem to get a really good workout because I can't move around much. I'm sure it will die down after a few weeks.

I decided to give walking a miss this afternoon, I went this morning so its no big. I am feeling tired at the moment, I think my body needs the rest. In saying that, I have had to get organised for school/work, take kids to ballet, fold washing etc. Nice rest!
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