Saturday, March 24, 2007


I have been so slack lately. I sometimes go through periods of extreme tiredness so I have been really struggling with workouts, housework and just getting out of bed in general. I seem to be over it now which is good, I think a lot was going through my mind and I just wasn't sleeping very well. Fortunately I have made some tough decisions which I now have to put into place but I feel a lot better for it.

I finally heard back from the jobs I applied for (which made my decision-making a lot easier) and I didn't get either of them. I'm quite happy about that as I really didn't want one and the other didn't offer the flexibility that I currently have. I spoke to my manager and I have decided that I would like to start full-time which will be challenging but I'm sure there a lots of women out there who work full-time, have young kids and manage to keep fit. I think for me that's the hardest part, most of my friends are stay-at-home mothers and those that do work don't do any exercise so I don't have anyone to talk to and ask how they fit it in. I guess that's where forums come in!
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