Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tests, Interviews and More Tests

Its been another busy week. I reached the third (!) stage for one of the jobs I applied for and the second stage for the other. I find it quite amusing because for my first job I had one interview and that was it and then in my current one I showed up with my resume and asked for a job and got it! I have had psychometric, safety, numeracy, literacy, Word, Excel, data checking and sorting tests all for a job where I'll be sitting and typing in numbers to a database! In the numeracy test I had to calculate fractions and long division and multiplication - without a calculator. The last time I did that I think I was in primary school which was a very, very long time ago. I guess I'll see how I go. After going for my interview for one of the positions I decided that I didn't really want it. They are pretty inflexible and I would be doing the same thing as I'm doing now only for more money so I decided to hit my current employer for a pay rise instead. To my surprise they said yes (I should have asked for more) but it means I have to work fulltime. I am going to think about it and see what happens with the other jobs before I agree to anything.

I changed my program this week. I'm still doing a 3 day split as I find I can fit them into my schedule better. The only problem I've had is with my left shoulder, I tried to do a front raise and couldn't lift the weight and had all this pain. I haven't had any pain with any other shoulder exercise, I guess it time to go see the masseuse again. Apart from that I have been powering along. Food hasn't been great but then it never seems to be great but it would be 75% clean. Weekends are always my downfall, oh, and the fact that my husband believes that potato salad or chips contains all the veges a person needs. Its little wonder he's has issues with his weight.
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