Sunday, April 01, 2007

First week of full time work

As the title suggests, this has been my first week of full-time employment. Previously I had been working 9 - 2:15 and now its 9-5 (and one day a week 6-2). I have to say I have coped quite well and managed to fit in most of my workouts. I guess I'm incredibly lucky as my beloved hubby has been working 6-2 all but 1 day a week so he does the school pick up so there is a bit of pressure off me. Mind you the house looks like a bomb has hit it but I refused to get too stressed about it!

I've had to change my workouts a bit and unfortunately the dog doesn't get walked/run twice a day anymore. I currently do a 3 day split but I may go back to a 4 day split with a rest day on Wednesday (my early start) but I'll see how I go. My training has been going fairly well and I have increased my weights a bit this week.

Tracey: I would love to go for a cuppa and a chat sometime. Its hard to find people who are into weight training/fitness. Drop me an email and let me know when it would suit you. I hope you are still training hard for your comps!

Kek: Thanks for dropping by. You are such an inspiration and, yes, Thank God for the internet.
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