Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Two blogs in one week - who'd a thunk it!!! Not much to report. My back is still sore, I went for a massage on Friday and she said it felt like a slipped disc. I decided against my better judgement to go to aerobics last night. I survived the class but often had to use the low impact version (which I hate doing). I desperately need new shoes as I have a massive blister on my sole but I guess I'll wait until pay day. We bought a new washing machine last weekend so I guess I've spent more than my limit this month.

I've decided as part of my starting full-time work that I should get a cleaner in once a fortnight. My darling hubby agreed as we usually spend the weekend arguing because he's watching sport and I'm cleaning! So she comes today! YAY! The only problem is that I spent the last couple of days cleaning in preparation for her. Silly, isn't it?
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