Saturday, August 11, 2007

First week down

I have gotten through my first week of my new program with Liz. My legs are killing me and once I'm sitting down I really struggle to get back up but all-in-all I'm feeling great. I was incredibly tired yesterday but as was pointed out I am not eating enough to sustain me through all the exercise that I am doing so now I'm making an effort to eat more. Its difficult because I have never eaten much preferring to eat lots of small meals but often my snacks aren't the healthiest. So today I made this huge salad with cold meat which took me about 1/2 an hour to eat but I got through it and managed to reach the required calories - now to try and get my macronutrient ratios right!

I was unable to get to the gym for my cardio workout earlier in the week as they were undergoing renovations. They opened up on Thursday and the place looks great. Its amazing what a difference shiny, new equipment makes! It was great to use an elliptical that didn't clunk and grind as you used it although I felt as though I needed to be a rocket scientist to start it up.

Last weekend, Moo asked if she could get earrings so I took her in on Tuesday after school and although there were tears she was incredibly brave. Of course, as soon as Missy T saw them she had to have them as well. Hubby took her in on Friday and she apparently screamed when they did the first one and refused to allow them to do the other. After much bribing and getting told she would walk around in circles if she only had one earring she let them finish the job. She then strutted out of the shop looking so proud of herself. They look so cute.
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