Friday, August 17, 2007

Week 2 down!

Where do the weeks go? I had another busy week, it was Hubby's birthday on Wednesday for which I hadn't bought him anything so on Wednesday afternoon after the girl's ballet lesson and my cardio workout I had to rush out and buy him something. I decided to get him a bike so that we can go riding as a family. I had some vouchers at K-mart so off I went to grab him his pressie. In hindsight I really should have gone to the local bike shop because while it would have been more expensive at least I would have gotten service. I chose the bike that I liked and went to find someone to help me, the girl that I asked looked at me as if I was a bit of dirt. OK, I was in my workout gear (and a bit sweaty to boot) but surely she has seen worse! I pointed out the bike that I wanted only to be told it wasn't in stock so it was onto my second choice. Instead of getting one of those big trolleys that they use for large items she told me to go get a shopping trolley (the box was about twice the size of a trolley). I then dragged my kids back outside to get a trolley and then we had to sit the box on top of it. The stupid thing kept on sliding around so here's me trying to push the trolley with one hand on the box to stop it sliding off. I finally managed to get to my car (with the help of another customer) and, of course, it wouldn't fit in the back of the car. We have roof-racks but there was no way I could get it on top so I had to put the back seat down and Moo had to sit in the front on the way home. I was so cranky - I really should of demanded that they meet me at the loading bay so they could put it on the roof. Fortunately, Hubby loved it.

Training has gone well this week. We are starting to step it up a little which I'm enjoying. I also improved my eating which has made me feel a whole lot better. I have had PMT this week and at times could have killed for lollies but the lolly jar at work is full of Fantails and fortunately I can't eat them as they will get stuck in my braces. There's a good chance I will have a blow out tomorrow night as we are having a party for Hubby. You've got to do that every now and then!
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