Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back from Bundy

I went to Bundy this weekend to visit my parents, they have just moved into an over 55's village and I had to go down to check the place out. Its a really nice little place with great facilities and the best thing its only a couple of hours from Gladstone so now they are nice and close. I had a hair appointment in the morning (goodbye grey hairs!) and went straight from there to Bundaberg and left after lunch today after visiting the markets.

Before leaving I did Liz's footy field workout with Mossy. There is a soccer field in walking distance which is nice and handy. We had a great time and Mossy really enjoyed the freedom of being able to run off the lead. Its great training with a border collie as he has so much energy. Every time I did sprints I ended up in fits of laughter as he would be off exploring when I started running, I would be running my little heart out and he would catch up and pass me but he looked as though he was trotting along at a leisurely pace. He was pretty worn out when we got home - I hope he is as sore as I am! I think I will continue this sort of training when I'm ready to go on my own.
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