Wednesday, September 19, 2007


After the last couple of weeks hovering around the 54 kg mark I have finally seen a drop in the scales. Its funny how you see no change in ages and then BAM there goes 0.5 kg which now makes me 53.4 kg. As I said previously, I have no set weight goal in my head. I think this is because I have a tendency to set it too low. When I was in my 20's I was always around 47 kg and I got as low as 44 kg at one point. I had some body issues (like most young women) and even at my lowest weight I still saw myself as fat. I never did anything stupid to maintain that weight - I never starved myself - but I exercised all the time. The sad bit is that I see how I was in my 20's at 47 kg my ideal. Not necessarily the weight but the fact I was around 13% body fat, I had abs and I could see my muscles (especially in my legs).

I guess my point is that if I set a goal myself I'm worried I'll push it to the extreme and get too thin. Liz has given me an idea of a good weight range so if I try to stick with that I should be alright.
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