Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its back to work I go

Its great to have holidays but sometimes I wonder if they are more hassle than what they are worth. I haven't stopped since getting back to work on Tuesday and it doesn't look like easing up anytime soon. Its good to be busy but sometimes its a little too much.

Training is going well. We are concentrating on building my upper body and I'm slowly seeing some progress. With all the DOMS I have been suffering I had bloody well better see some changes!! LOL! I'm enjoying weight training at the gym instead of at home for a change although I really hate having to wait for equipment to be free. Liz has also incorporated Cathe Freidrich's new 4 day split DVD into training. The bootcamp and kickbox routines are great and I'm slowly getting the step routines down pat. The weights sections are tough and I grimace and groan throughout the whole thing.

Food has been okay - I think after a shaky start to the week I will be able to finish strong. I allowed myself a couple of treats earlier on this week, but I guess this happens after a funeral (my Pop passed away last week). My weight has been stable so I'm not going to get too stressed about the occassional treat.
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