Friday, November 09, 2007


Well my week off is nearly over which is a shame. I have really enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum albeit for only a week. I had a bit of bad news yesterday which means we have to go down to Bundy on Monday so my week off will be increased by one day.

Food has been pretty good this week despite being at home. We went to lunch a couple of times which has thrown things out of whack but my weight has stayed stable so its all good. Training has been great and I'm continuing to have some major DOMS. My glutes are still killing from Wednesdays workout. I am continually amazed by how my mind limits my belief in my own abilities. As an example, I did leg press for the first time in ages. From memory I had it in my head that I used to push 60kg so when I put 60kg a side on the machine. It wasn't until I got home did I realise that I used to put 30kg on each side so it was 60kg all up. Effectively, I doubled the weight. No wonder it was tougher than I remembered!
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