Sunday, January 20, 2008

Camping Trip

Here's a couple of photos from our latest camping trip out to Cania Gorge. I think we really need to hire ourselves out as drought breakers because every time we go camping it rains. It was a pretty good week despite the rain, at least it was cool, although I'd had enough of having constant wet feet and clothes by yesterday. The kids didn't seem to mind the bad weather as they had a great time sliding around on the big jumping pillow as it got so slippery with a bit of rain on it. I managed to catch up on some reading plus I took our portable DVD player so I watched a couple of DVDs as well. I had great plans of getting some cardio done but it was way too muddy, I would have ended up on my butt if I went for a run although I did a bit of bouncing on the pillow with the girls. I did take my Gymstick out with me and got a couple of resistance workouts done. Food wasn't totally clean, I find it hard to resist chips and dips. I have only gained 0.2 kg so I guess it wasn't too bad.
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