Saturday, January 26, 2008

Low Days

Yesterday was a little bumpy for me. I was feeling great and then down and then back up again. I find it interesting that your brain can either be your greatest tool or work totally against you. I can pinpoint the reason I started to feel low. I went clothes shopping and tried on a couple of outfits. Instead of seeing someone who looked fit and slim all I saw was a big arse and a tiny upper body. I'm sure every woman in the universe has had to deal with fitting room disappointment. Unfortunately I began to think that I would never be ready for the stage, that its all too hard and got really down on myself.

I grabbed some positives from the yesterday. I still ate clean, I didn't turn to junk food for solice. It would have been easy yesterday as I went to a kid's birthday party. Plus I trained really hard, not something a quitter would do.

I emailed Liz for a vent and its funny when I re-read my email, I started with how I was feeling low but by the end I finished off with some good stuff. I can see changes, my legs and glutes are toning up and my upper body is getting definition. I'm sure this journey is going to be full of ups and downs and guess thats the fun of it.
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