Friday, January 25, 2008

Free Meals

I have been reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Elaine's favourite contraceptive is taken off the market. Every prospective partner needed to be deemed as "spongeworthy" before she dated them. I'm feeling this way with my free meals. I have been invited to a couple of gatherings this weekend and I have to decide if they a 'free meal worthy'. I really want my free meals to be something that I enjoy not food that makes me feel like crap after eating it.

Tonight I am going to a school mums night out at one of the mum's house with everyone taking nibblies. At first I wasn't going to go thinking that its all too hard and I should stay at home where I know I will eat healthy. I changed my mind as I don't get much of an opportunity to socialise with other ladies so instead I'll try to eat beforehand and then make a nice healthy dip with veges. On Monday we are going to a friend's place for an Australian Day celebration. I will be taking around some chicken marinaded in lemon and garlic as well as some fruit.

I know that I can't let myself get too hungry as that's when I'll absolutely pig out. We went shopping last night and took a bit longer than normal. I was absolutely starving and there was a lady standing behind me with a hotdog. I would have killed for that hotdog. Seriously! On the way home we stopped off at Maccas to get hubby and the girls' dinner and to smell that all the way home was unbearable. I hate Maccas but last night it smelt so tasty. I got home and cooked some chicken and salad and thoroughly enjoyed it so I'm glad I didn't cave in and grab takeaway. Hubby said the McDonalds was disgusting anyway.

BTW My legs have only just recovered from Tuesday nights workout. Just in time for another leg workout!
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