Saturday, February 02, 2008

Got my shoes!

I got my shoes this week and have been walking around in them as much as possible. It was pretty funny the first day I got them as I was wobbling all over the place - the girls got a good laugh at Mummy trying to walk in her new heels! Its such a bizarre feeling to be nearly as tall as your hubby when you are used to coming up to his shoulders. I am so happy with them - I decided to go with a little bit of bling and they are really pretty.

I have also booked my flights and accomodation for Get Ready. I asked one of my girlfriends to come down with me as we don't get much of a chance to get to the 'big smoke'. She is really looking forward to hitting the shops.

I had a kick-arse training session this morning. I think it may have been because hubby and I had a disagreement this morning before I headed to the gym so I got rid of all my frustration and anger in my workout. Although I got some PB's its not something I would recommend.
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