Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random Stuff

It has been raining here all week. Earlier in the week we had some flash flooding which could have meant hubby wouldn't be able to get home from work. Luckily he got home (Thank God for 4WD's) and managed to pick up the kids from school. He had to take some back roads home as the main road to our suburb was cut. By the time I got home it wasn't raining as hard so all the water had gone.

Today I'm a tired. I really didn't feel like training and usually when I feel like that I take Mossy for a walk. Unfortunately it was raining - AGAIN. The next option was one of my DVD's. I wanted something that required very little thought process but still a fairly good workout and settled on Cathe's Higher Intensity Step. Perhaps not the best choice as when I'm tired all depth perception and coordination goes out the window so needless to say I spent 30 minutes tripping over the step or missing the cues. I forgot how tricky the choreo was in that DVD. I'm amazed I didn't kill myself. Then it was onto the Alwyn Cosgrose Leg Matrix which I decided to do some of it on my BOSU. My balance wasn't the best and I got through my squats on the BOSU and then onto a flat surface for lunges. Part of me thought I would have been better staying in bed but the other part is glad that I got through it and survived.
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