Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yesterday I went to babysit my friends' 2 children while they went to a wedding. I was taking their 19 month old son to wave goodbye and unfortunately totally missed a step and rolled my ankle. The worst part was the fact that I was carrying the little boy so he came crashing down to the ground with me. Luckily the parents hadn't left yet so they could calm him down and also help me back inside. I put on the brave face and ushered them off as they don't get many chances to have a break from the kids. All the kids were fantastic with Moo following the little boy around making sure he was happy so I could put my foot up and ice the ankle. Hubby came around after his game of cricket finished and helped out plus he has strapped it. It is feeling a little better today, its not as swollen as it was last night. After the initial concern of worrying about the baby, all I kept thinking about was how it was going to affect my training. I have already emailed Liz and we have a game plan for this week and I guess we can only play it by ear.

On a brighter note, my weight has continued to decrease to 49.7 kg this morning.
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