Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Only Way Is Up

My week just keeps on getter better and better. Monday's effort included a sleepless night with a sick child and a husband who twisted his knee at his cricket finals, an awful day at work where an entire day's work had to be repeated due to equipment breakdown, Missy T jamming her fingers in the door at gymnastics and unfortunately I was watching Moo and didn't hear her screaming for me so she was stuck there for a good 5 minutes (I'm not going to win 'Mother of the Year') and then reversing into someone's car at gymnastics. In my defense, the car was parked illegally so it wasn't entirely my fault. I got home in one piece and I would have given anything for a few Rum and Cokes plus a block of chocolate. I rang my sister instead.

Today, I'm home from work as Missy T started vomitting last night so its been yet another night with little sleep. I've had to go to work to start up an ICP run and will have to go back in this afternoon to process it as the other lady who is trained in running the ICP is on holidays. I figure my week can only get better!

On the plus side, eats have been good and the ankle is on the mend. I am missing my cardio workouts tremendously but I had a great upper body workout last night.
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