Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Its been another busy weekend in our household. Friday night we went to a friend's place for drinks and (not very healthy) nibblies. I didn't have the time to prep some food to take with me so I just chalked it up as a free meal.

Yesterday I went to the gym as early as possible (the gym opens at 8 am on a Saturday) and did my leg workout and Body Attack. I had to go for some low impact options as the ankle was a bit tender but it was a great workout never-the-less. It was onto work straight after the gym. We have a pupil free day in a couple of weeks so I decided to work so I can get that day off. I'm incredibly lucky that I can do that in my job. After work I hit the shops to get the groceries and I finally found frozen egg whites. Last night we went to another friend's place for a visit.

Today we went to the beach for a barbeque for hubby's work. It is perfect weather for the beach and while everyone was at the park I took the girls down for a swim and to explore rock pools.

In my spare time I have been reading "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" and am thoroughly enjoying it. I've already tried out one of the recipes. I ordered the book through Amazon several weeks ago and only just received it as they had sent me the wrong books the first time (I got 3 books on Wine Tasting and Ancient Wines). It has been worth the wait!
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