Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wow, under 4 weeks to go. How scary is that?? I finally got my routine from Jo and I'm really happy with what she has done with it - its not too difficult so I should be able to learn it pretty quickly, all I have to do is find the time to learn it. She took ages to edit the music, the song I chose is quite distinctive so it proved to be hard to cut. The final result is quite good and I'm pleased with the final product. She has also send through some tutorials to help me learn the routine easily.

I've been on that emotional rollercoaster again this week. I woke up on at 3 am on Monday morning worried about the fact I still have cellulite and that my legs have so much more work to go. To make matters worse I weighed myself and I had gained some weight since Saturday. I crawled back into bed, snuggled up with hubby and started to cry. How stupid is that? I've let a number on an inanimate object rule my life. I know my weight fluctuations are due to my free meal on the weekend and I know that my emotional state was due to lack of sleep. Hubby consoled me and encouraged me to get out of bed and workout. I felt a little better after training. That night I fell asleep while Moo was reading her reader at about 7:30, it helped to have a huge catchup on my sleep.

Today I'm feeling great. I've been worried about my routine so there is some peace of mind now that I have got it and can start learning it. I've booked myself in for accupunture for my ankle as its still niggling me. Things are looking good.
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