Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Starvin' Marvin

I have been soooo hungry this week. Does this mean my metabolism is firing and I should burn some of that fat I have been so concerned about? My weight is still sitting at 47.9 kg but I have been fitting in a couple of extra walks plus I went to Body Combat last night so I'm expecting it to drop soon. Tomorrow is a rest day and I know I have to fight the urge to train, rest is as important as working out, but I might take the girls to the park and get some incidental exercise in (as well as have some fun with the family).

I started learning my routine last night and am having a blast with it. I think my family are going to get sick of the music as I have been playing it over and over. Jo didn't make it too difficult so it won't take long to get it down pat. I figure if I get the choreography of the Cathe Friedrich and Amy Bento DVD's I can get just about anything!
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