Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Week That Was

This week has flown by. I have been busy getting ready for the comp as well as a few other things. These are the highlights:

Gardening Stuff

A while ago I threw some scraps into our garden and a capsicum plant shot up. This week I picked my first capsicum. I'm amazed I didn't kill it as I have a habit of forgetting to water plants.

I wouldn't say that I used to hate capsicum but it was never my favourite fruit (I guess its classed as a fruit as it has seeds - isn't that how it goes?) but over the last few months I have come to love it and now I always have to have it in my salads.

My Braces Are Off

After a year of wearing braces I have them off. Now I'm wearing a plate and speaking with a lisp!

Here are the before and after:

Okay, its a really old photo of our wedding but at least you can see the overlapping front teeth.

Nice and straight!


My sister has Whooping Cough so is unable to fly over for the comp. I hope she gets better soon. And my friends won't be able to make it either so its just Hubs in the audience (plus the bloggers that are coming)

Got My Nails Done

I never get my nails manicured but thought I'd better for the comp. I'm one of those people should never waste their time or money on that sort of stuff as they are chipped already (I think I did it within the first hour of getting them done).

Anyway, I most probably won't blog again until after the comp but will do as soon as we're back - with photos!!
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