Sunday, May 18, 2008


I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. We drove down to Brisbane on Friday morning at around 3 am, it takes around 6 hours to get there. I had packed all my food for the trip down and some into one cooler and the some into a heater (I really didn't feel like eating cold porridge and cold poached chicken) and I had my distilled water on hand.

First point of call was registering for the comp and then we were free to shop - and shop we did. We booked into the hotel and rested, shopped a bit more and then started the tanning process.

I woke up early on Saturday morning panicking that I couldn't remember my routine, I wasn't happy until I got my MP3 player out and went through it a few times. The hotel were kind enough to loan me a microwave so I could heat my porridge and after breaky we were off to get my hair and makeup done. Liz's sister did my hair and did a fantastic job.

Then it was off to the venue. We sat down and had a bite to eat - rice cakes and honey (YUM) and then it was backstage. I was incredibly lucky to have Tara help us out with tanning and pumping up while Liz and Shelley fed me snakes. It was such a great vibe backstage and it was great to catch up with some fellow bloggers and the other girls from the Get Ready Seminar as well as meet some new people.

The afternoon flew by and I was on stage before I knew it. I had an absolute ball and was relieved that I didn't forget my routine. They split the novice into short and tall so I stood at the side of the stage and cheered on Shelley, Lyndsay and Carolyn. All the girls looked fantastic - I couldn't pick the winner. Even though I didn't place in my division I wasn't at all upset - I felt (and still feel) like a winner. I was so happy for Shelley when I found out she placed third - she looked awesome!

Afterwards, Hubby and I went to Hog's Breath for a feast (and some Bundy and Cokes) and then grabbed some icecream from Cold Rock. Today we met up with Liz, Katie, Shelley, Lisa and Lindy Olsen for breakfast. I would have to say that this was one of the many highlights of the weekend. It was great to sit around and talk fitness with like-minded people.

Lots of people to thank. Of course I need to thank Liz for being supportive and encouraging and for the kick-arse training sessions. Thanks again Tara for helping out on Saturday. But I think the biggest thanks is to my darling Hubby. He has been my rock throughout this whole experience. He has had to pick up the pieces when I have fallen apart and he has believed in me the whole way and for telling me that I looked "fucking awesome" (parden the language!)

I guess I have caught the bug. Bring it on!
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