Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Out and About

I had to go out sampling today which made a nice change as I haven't done it in ages. We've had people dropping like flies for various reasons. The microbiologist had a heartattack the Saturday before last which was a shock as he is in his late 20's, eats pretty healthy and works out regularly (he had the attack after a gym workout). He was rushed down to Brisbane and will be off work for a few weeks. And then our lab assistant went out motorbike riding on the weekend and came off with the bike landing on her. According to her mother (who also works in our company) she is pretty bruised but is extremely lucky to not have broken anything (or worse). With 2 staff members down it meant that I needed to go out with our other lab tech sampling. At least its school holidays so my hours are a little more flexible. As we are either in the car or the boat I need to pack my meals for the day and eat on the run. So here is what my meals looked like today.

5:15 am breakfast - Vita brits with Protein Crunch and honey
5:45 am Green Tea on the way to work
10 am Cucumber, carrot, capsicum and mushrooms with ricotta dip. This is the first chance I get to eat all morning but I'm not feeling that hungry. It takes me about an hour to eat this as I'm in and out of the car getting samples.
1 pm - Chicken (BBQ'd chicken from the shops) and salad with balsamic vinegar
3 pm - Home from work. I still have an apple and a Slim Secrets bar left in my cooler so I have that and a coffee.
6 pm - Dinner. I'm not sure what hubby is cooking but apparently he bought me chicken breast on the way home which I'll have with veggies and will include some potato to up the carbs a little.

This looks very similar to what I ate leading up to my comp. Nice and easy to pack as well as eat.
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