Thursday, August 07, 2008

Days Off

I'm home from work today as both my girls are sick. Moo has been battling it all week and now Missy T is complaining of a sore throat so its a day off for all of us. I'll use it as an opportunity to get some stuff done around the house.

Yesterday I left my workout until the afternoon. I usually train early in the morning after hubs goes to work but I slept in (it was our Show Holiday) and my workout was postponed until the arvo. The best part was that hubs could help me out. I can lift a lot more on my squats but the problem is when I'm by myself I can't lift the weights onto my shoulders. I would love a squat rack but just don't have the space. It was great to have hubs was on hand to put the bar on my shoulders and I lifted more than what I normally do when training legs at home.

I also whipped up some of the Oatmeal Apple Pie from the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook. Its quite nice and should be nice for either breakfast or snack.
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