Sunday, August 17, 2008


Its been busy, busy, busy in our house. I woke up feeling fantastic yesterday and took myself off to Body Attack. Despite the fact that they cram way too many people in the aerobics room I had the best time and really immersed myself in the music. I had a ball.

The rest of the weekend has been playing catch up since I was out of action last week. Hubs did a great job of looking after me and the kids while I was sick but there are piles of washing and folding to be done as well as the general tidy up.

We are having a cocktail party next week for hubs and a friends birthdays and hubby is busy making the alcohol for the party. We are having the party at our friend's house which is conveniently down the road so we don't have worry about taxi's etc. It should be a good night, a great chance for us to let our hair down without the kids.

I'm hoping to get to the gym this afternoon as Moo has a dance lesson. The studio is just around the corner from my gym so I may as well fit in a workout while I wait.
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